Learning Expectations

21st Century Learning Expectations
At Rainbow International School, we are committed to creating a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, and respectful in order to foster and develop students knowledge, skills, and abilities. RIS strives to engage teachers, students, and parents to work as a community to meet our 21st Century Learning Expectations.
An RIS education prepares students to be
Critical and Creative Thinkers
  • who analyze arguments and make rational decisions
  • who seek imaginative, appropriate, and ethical solutions to problems
  • who can cope confidently and competently with everyday situations demanding the use of mathematical and technological concepts
  • who use their abilities to recognize different points of view and seek out the most accurate and fair positions regardless of their own particular interests or desires  
Independent Learners
  • who formulate and pursue goals and strive to learn something new every day
  • who become capable, self-reliant, and self-motivated
  • who solve problems and address difficulties when they first become apparent
  • who develop the values, attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed to make responsible decisions  
Effective Communicators
  • who communicate clearly and accurately in English, yet respect linguistic diversity
  • who listen to, interpret, and use information effectively
  • who use technology as a communicative tool
Compassionate Global Citizens
  • who strive to serve and lead in their communities
  • who respect peoples feelings, ideas, abilities and cultural diversity
  • who practice responsibility, courtesy, service, and cooperation
  • who comprehend the importance of empathy, honesty, fair-mindedness, and justice
Technologically Advanced Learners
  • who use technology as an effective tool to enhance learning.
  • who demonstrate the ability to adapt and manipulate technology to benefit  their learning environment 
  • who use technology as a means to access information, generate assignments, and as a communicative tool.
  • who understand and respect legal and ethical issues
Healthy Individuals
  • who develop and follow lifelong health and fitness programs
  • who acquire team-building skills through physical activity

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