Rainbow International School is founded in September 2, 2007. RIS is established and operated under the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE). Rainbow International School is the non-profit private day-school. Located in Seoul, South Korea, Rainbow International School opened its doors to 1st to 5th grade students in September, 2007. The school opened its doors to 6th and 8th grade students in August 2009 with the plan to grow the instructional program and student body over the following years to become a comprehensive high school serving students in grades 9 through 12.
RIS is a structured school with a maximum of 105 students at full enrollment in grades 1-8. The all-English environment educates students from Grade one through Middle School (1-8) RIS is a nondenominational institute which proudly represents students from 25 different countries. R.I.S. embraces its diversity. Its multicultural atmosphere is both warm and friendly. Accredited by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Rainbow International School provides a safe, clean, environment that cultivates learning for each and every student. It commands the highest of expectations for its students and continually focuses on self-improvement. Rainbow International School is technologically savvy, uses many online programs, and has well-equipped classrooms with well-trained, professional staff.
The establishment of the Rainbow International School is intended to provide young scholars an innovative global education — within their community — which creates a foundation for academic, social and career success.
Students experience a learning culture that instills within them a passion for science, math, technology, inquiry and creativity, and true learning in all subject areas.
The concept for the Rainbow International School is to challenge conventional education and prepare the students of Seoul for a 21st century career, where every child will need to be prepared as a globally competent and competitive citizen.
There is a confluence of reasons why Seoul is best suited as the home for the Rainbow International School. Not only does it have the greatest need, it presents the greatest opportunity. The school is an affiliated member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the East Asia Regional Council for Overseas Schools (EARCOS), and the Korea Council of Overseas Schools (KORCOS).

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