Saturday, November 13, 2010


The ideals of R.I.S. are seen in our mascot – the dolphin. Dolphins are often regarded as the one of the earth’s most intelligent animals and at the same time one of the most compassionate.
Dolphins that live in families or “pods” are known to stay and protect their wounded or sick. They teach their children to use tools such as putting a sea sponge over their noses to protect them. Dolphins can even mime, solve puzzles and recognize themselves in mirrors.
Above all they love to play and their play is a form of teaching and learning for them all. They especially love to play with humans and some have stayed and played in one area for many years.
Co-operative, intelligent, creative, compassionate, brave, playful, graceful and free, the dolphin brings us joy.

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  1. The dolphin in the picture is so cute!