Thursday, January 20, 2011

RIS Uniform

A reminder to parents that students should wear the appropriate RIS uniform. Students must wear their official RIS pants or skirt, shirt, and tie on days when they do not have PE classes, and may wear the school PE uniform on days when they do have PE class.

Any students who arrive at school in clothing other than their uniform will not be allowed to join their class until their parents have brought them the appropriate clothing. Once they have changed into their RIS uniform, they will be welcome to join their class for the day of instruction.

RIS respects that children's clothes may become dirty over the course of a week. However, as much as possible, parents need to ensure that the students are wearing clean school clothes daily.

The uniform may not be altered in any way. If students are feeling cold, they may wear their RIS sweater or jacket. Students may not wear a different shirt or sweatshirt over their regular school uniform.

When the students have PE, they may wear their PE uniforms, on the following days:
Grade One: Friday
Grade Two: Wednesday
Grade Three: Wednesday
Grade Four: Friday
Grade Five: Monday
Grade Six: Thursday
Grade Seven: Monday
Grade Eight: Tuesday
On all other days, students must wear their regular RIS school uniform. 

If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact school administrators via telephone or email.

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