Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ES Weekly ESLRs Awards

From Ms. Sawlor To Grade Five...
I am proud to present Khalid Khalid with an ESLR award this week for showing his ability to be a critical thinker. This week Khalid was able to see when his classmate was not being included during group work and made sure to make an effort to include that person. Khalid has shown that he is able to include others and encourage his classmates around him to do the same. Great work Khalid!

I would like to present Nouf Abutalaf with this week's ESLR award for being a compassionate community participant. Many of the RIS students helped out a good cause last week during the Japan Tsunami Fundraiser, including Nouf. Nouf expressed her concern for the people of Japan after purchasing some goodies and made sure to donate her change to the cause. Congratulations Nouf! 

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