Monday, August 22, 2011

RIS Bus Rules!

The Rainbow International School Board provides transportation for any student living two miles or more from their zoned school. While students are riding the school bus, they are under the authority of the school principal or designee, bus assistant and the school bus driver. Students may be videotaped any time while on school buses. Any student who misbehaves on the bus will be reported to the principal or designee and may be suspended or expelled from riding the bus. In such cases it will be the parent or guardian's responsibility to provide transportation. 
1. Respect the driver and follow instructions.
2. Remain seated, keep head and arms inside bus and hands to yourself.
3. Keep door and aisle clear of obstacles. No pets, glass, or large items, including large band instruments will be allowed on the bus.
4. Do not throw anything, at anytime, on or out of the bus.
5. Do not eat, drink, or chew gum on the bus.
6. Keep conversations quiet.
7. Use no profane or obscene language or gestures.
8. Cross the road in front of the bus, after waiting for the driver's signal.
9. Present a permission slip, signed by a parent and the principal or designee, for riding a bus other than the usual one or getting off at a different stop than the usual one.
10. Maintain complete silence at all railroad crossings.
11. Comply with all regulations in the Student Code of Conduct.

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