Friday, September 16, 2011

The 2011-2012 student council elections

Today marked a very special day at RIS; the 2011-2012 student council elections.
Candidates worked very hard preparing persuasive speeches with the help of their Language Arts teacher, Ms. Jones. 
All students from grades 3-8 gathered in the auditorium and listened carefully as each candidate took to the podium.
First we listened Sofia who shared ideas with us to explain why the students should vote for her to be a class representative.
Then we listened to Saud and Hang as they shared with us why we should vote for them to be the student council treasurer.
Next Daniela and Mert each gave a convincing argument why they would be a good historian for student council. 

Francisco and Yasmin are both running for student council vice-president and gave us great reasons why we should vote for them.
Lastly, Sophia and Burak both delivered persuading speeches as to why they should be the president of RIS. 
The speeches were all very well done and made deciding between candidates very difficult.  Following the speeches students returned to their classes and voted for the candidate they felt would best represent RIS.  Great job to all the candidates and those who helped RIS 2011-2012 elections!! 
Student Council Elections Photos 

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