Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rainbow International School Lends a Hand!

At RIS our teachers are committed to educating our students academically in all subject areas such as mathematics, Social Studies, English, Korean, Turkish and science. However, we are also dedicated to developing compassionate community members. We have been working hard this year to provide students with an understanding of the challenges and difficulties other people around the world may face. Students have expanded their understanding of situations such as drought, famine, civil war and natural disaster.
                On October 21st  & 22nd, RIS students and families came together to raise awareness and funds to donate to the African people of Somalia, who are suffering from a major drought. Students and teachers from all grades worked together as one to organize a fantastic bake sale. Everyone lent a hand one way or another to make the event a success. RIS families not only donated baked goods, but also their time and effort to help others in need. Students generously bought baked goods and gave donations, while expressing their feelings towards the importance of lending a hand to help others who may be less fortunate than us. In just two days our school was able to raise 1 million won to assist those in Somalia.
                RIS did not stop at helping Somalia. On October 23rd a major natural disaster struck Turkey when an earthquake devastated the country. Many people were killed and many more have now been left homeless due to the destruction of the quake. Our students expressed their concerns for the people of Turkey and decided that we must help. In an effort to raise funds, we decided to combine our Fall Festival with a fundraiser for Turkey. Students made donations to the Turkey Disaster Fund in order to dress in costume for the festival. We are proud to announce that RIS students raised 1 million won that will be donated to the help the people of Turkey affected by the quake.
                As a school, we are very proud of the efforts of our students and families. Teachers have been able to educate our students on the importance of helping others in need and students have responded positively. RIS staff would like to thank all of the students and families that have so generously donated to help make both these fundraising efforts a success! We look forward to continuing the development of our compassionate community participants throughout this school year.

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