Tuesday, December 6, 2011

( MEAN = Making Excellence A Necessity )

A MEAN teacher insists that each student do the best she or he is capable of doing
A MEAN teacher insists that student hand in their assignments on time and takes off points for late assignments
A MEAN teacher does not accept incomplete assignments
A MEAN teacher requires each student to think carefully and to make her or his own decisions
A MEAN teacher holds each student responsible for her or his own behavior
A MEAN teacher make students keep the classroom, themselves, and their belongings neat and clean
A MEAN teacher does not allow free time in class until all class work is done
A MEAN teacher gives homework regularly, sometimes even on weekends
A MEAN teacher calls on students who don’t raise their hands to answer the question
A MEAN teacher requires all students to treat each other with respect
A MEAN teacher makes life miserable for students by insisting that they always tell the truth
A MEAN teacher produces students who are respectful, responsible, and successful

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