Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home Visit!

Teachers are making home visits in order to better meet the needs of the child and family. In promoting a partnership between parents and teachers, home visits provide the means for effective team problem solving, observing children in their home environment, and encouraging parent involvement. Effective home visiting furthers the mental, emotional, and physical health and development of the child by serving the whole family.
  Visiting students and parents on their home is a way for teachers to learn more about their students, get the parents more involved in their child's education, and bridge cultural gaps that might occur between student and teacher. Most teachers report their home visits have a lasting effect on the child, the parent, and parent-teacher communication.
   Encouraging parents to become more involved in their child's education by opening their homes to teacher visits has brought positive results to the RIS.
Today RIS principal and 3 teachers visited Iman (Grade 4) and Saadat (Grade 2)`s house. 


After having conversation with parents we observed many talents of Iman and Saadat.
 Did you know that Iman is very good at playing the violin?
Maybe you saw him while playing the violin in our International Day, what about his interest in LEGO. He did a great models with Lego.

 What about Saadat`s talents. Saadat is drawing beautiful pictures.

Really we had a great time. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality Mr. and Mrs Isali!

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