Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Express Yourself!

The Big Idea… Our feelings are complicated and changing. Sometimes we feel like we are ‘on top of the world’ but at other times we feel sad without really understanding why. The way we are feeling affects our behavior and the behavior of people around us. This unit we are going to find out why we have different feelings and whether animals have feelings too.

Today, the grade 4 & 5 students began IPC Unit 1, “Express Yourself” with a memorable Entry Point Activity. Today’s activity was designed to be fun, yet meaningful. We took all of our students to a local park. We began the activity by informing everyone that the following activity was about “feelings” and it was very sensitive. Some students were going to feel differently than others.
Students are divided into two groups and provided one group with bread and one with ice cream. We observed the students’ reactions to this. After the snacks were finished,  they played together. It is observed how the students played together after being unfairly divided.
After free-play was finished, we gave an ice cream cone to those students who did not initially receive one. They were all very relieved and grateful! Our students expressed a variety of different emotions today, which we captured via our school video camera, through interviewing, group discussion, and silent journal at the end.
Overall, the grade 4 and 5 students responded to our first entry point activity. They followed the guidelines nicely, demonstrated respect and self-discipline! Smile

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