Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Middle School Zoo Field Trip

Middle School students went to the Seoul Zoo at Seoul Grand Park on Tuesday September 4th. Students observed many animal species from top predators, lions, leopards and jaguars to those smiley reptiles! Students` learning goal was to classify the roles of animals in the ecosystem.
Herbivores are animals which have a diet that consists mainly of plant material. They frequently have a hard palate and lack top incisors.  They use their palate and bottom teeth to grind up their food.  Herbivores are animals like giraffes, gazelles, and deer. Carnivores have sharp teeth with which to tear flesh and meat, their primary diet.  Carnivores are animals like lions and tigers. Omnivores are animals whose diet consist of both plant and animal matter.
It was a fantastic rainy day for our students!
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