Thursday, October 25, 2012

Student of the Month!

Grade 1- Audri Ayman  
He helps his fellow students when there is something to be done and always helps to keep the classroom clean. Audri shows he is responsible for himself and others by demonstrating empathy and honesty daily.
Grade 2- Iman Nishiki  
She is an independent learner who has developed the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible decisions.  She also practices responsibility by being courteous and responsible in class.
Grade 3-June Lam  
Responsibility Award for showing that he is an Independent Learner.  He takes responsibility in his own education by always striving to learn something new every day.  He is capable, self-motivated, and never forgets his homework. Keep up the great work! 
Grade 4-William Kim 
 "William always completes his class assignments and homework on time. He comes to class prepared and ready to work. I can always count on William!"
Grade 5- Miju Rahman  
Miju has consistently demonstrated her ability to be a capable, self-reliant, and self-motivated student. Great job Miju! 
Grade 6-Liyan Siddiqi  
Independent learner who is capable, self-reliant, and self-motivated. She actively participates in class, completes homework on-time, and helps others to learn as well. Liyan is a model for responsibility in grade 6. 
Grade 7- Daniella Oh 
As of lately Daniella has been showing responsibility with homework completion and using self control and listening skills to demonstrate positive behaviors.
Grade 8- Howard Yeh  
Howard has been a role model for responsibility through homework completion and being ready for class He is a quiet participant, with a lot of internal motivation. 

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