Thursday, December 20, 2012

Professor Moon Yong-Rin Elected Seoul Education Chief

Professor Moon Yong-Rin, the former Korean Minister of Education was elected superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education during a special election held Wednesday along with the presidential election. Professor Moon served as a Minister of Education and focused on the importance of  the character-building education. He also pledged to firmly establish academic authority and expand education programs by helping students find out what they are good at.

On February 17th, 2011 RIS students were fortunate to receive another special guest presentation. Professor Moon Yong-Rin, the former Korean Minister of Education, is an experienced educator and author who published 34 books.

The well-known Korean author spoke to our students   specifically of his work titled “A Happy Moral School”, a book which guides students in leading a happy school life. Its story is one of a compassionate teacher and the experiences this teacher has while leading students through an enjoyable school life.

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