Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrating multiculturalism at RIS!

On April 19th, RIS students, teachers and families gathered together for the sixth annual International Day. The day was a huge success thanks to the generous support and participation of the embassy members, parents, students and staff.

A special thanks to Ms.Bokhwa and Ms.Donna and their International Day committee for their preparations and organization of the day. The day began with a celebration of diversity where students from twenty-four countries participated in the Olympic games.

Following the Olympic games, thanks to the abundance of food provided by families from fifteen countries; students were able to sample a variety of delicacies from around the world. 

In the afternoon students and parents took a trip around the globe, as they traveled to the
country booths. They experienced the culture and traditions of Australia, India, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Uzbekistan, Chile, Brazil, Canada Afghanistan, Taiwan,  Azerbaijan, Oman, Turkey and Korea.


A special thanks to the parents and Embassies for volunteering their time and effort throughout the day. Everyone then gathered in the auditorium for the multicultural performances by students and friends of RIS.

The festivities were greatly enjoyed by the RIS community and again many thanks to everyone for celebrating multiculturalism at RIS!!
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