Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Big Success in RIS Graduation Ceremony 2013

On Monday, May 27th RIS Parents, Staff and Students celebrated the elementary and middle school graduation. It as a joyful afternoon filled with many events to pay tribute to our 2012-2013 graduating classes and to celebrate another great year at RIS.
The ceremony opened with a parade of nations showcasing the diversity and multiculturalism of RIS, as children from 24 nations dressed in their traditional clothing all proudly carried their flag across the stage. 
Then welcoming speech by Mr.Esref Saglam, Founder of Rainbow International School, and special addresses by Mr.Naci Saribas, Ambassador of Turkey to Korea and Ms.Nandini Satish, memer of Parent Teacher Association of RIS followed the Parade of Nations.
After the speeches everyone sat back and enjoyed slideshows, class performances of dance, songs, gymnastics performed by Rainbow International School Students.

Everyone enjoyed the traditional performances of the famous Gaepo Music School Students. 

Our elementary and middle school valedictorians Joshua Choi and Mert Uzun both delivered inspiring speeches that emphasized the skills they learned at RIS that will enable them to be future leaders and global citizens. 

After the graduates were awarded their diplomas and recognized for their hard work and dedication.

And last but not least as a dedication to all the student of RIS, the teachers and students joined together in song. 
A very sincere thank you to our MC's;  Ms. Naika Ross and Ms. Nuri Lee. 
Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Sawlor, Ms.Bokhwa and Ms.Park for organizing this event, a successful close to another school year thanks to all your efforts.  It was a wonderful celebration of our year and we are so happy everyone came together to honor the graduates and we would like to wish each and everyone of you success and prosperity in your future.

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