Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekly ESLR Award winners

From Ms. Choi...

Jumana [Gr.6] displays the qualities of a socially responsible person. She proactively volunteers to help clean up the classroom and the books on the shelf even though she wasn't asked. Her efforts are appreciated!

From Ms. Lee...
  • Nahan, Fiffy, and Haruka[Gr.8] demonstrate the qualities of  Dynamic Communicators who are able to express linguistic diversity in their writing.  Their analysis of a poem for Language Arts demonstrated a mastery in understanding of the various poetic devices that were studied thus far.  Excellent work!  
  • Mert[Gr.6] displays the qualities of a natural leader who practices responsibility, courtesy, and service.  He enthusiastically volunteered to help a new student around the school and made sure that they fit in to the new environment.  His leadership skills are commendable!

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