Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekly ESLR Award winners

 From Ms. R...
  • Mert[Gr.6] strives to serve and lead in class .He has been a positive influence on his friends helping them in their learning . He is a responsible and courteous student.
  • Fatima Rahimi[Gr.7] has shown responsible behaviour .she is  self reliant and self motivated
  • Neha[Gr.8] is effective communicator . she uses technology as a communication tool.
  • Haruka[Gr.8] formulates and pursue goals as life long learners .She is capable , self reliant and self motivated.
  • Hanafiffy[Gr.8] is capable communicator who uses technology effectively for communication .
  • Bassam[Gr.8] is progressing towards becoming self motivated and developing attitudes needed to be successful at school.
From Ms. Lee...
  • Mutahar[Gr.7] displays the qualities of a socially responsible individual who strives to serve in the Middle School.  Often times when Language Art classes end, Mutahar takes the initiative to pick up after people and maintain the tidiness of the classroom.  Great effort! 
  • Michel[Gr.7] is a socially responsible individual who works to create a positive, caring environment in the Language Arts classroom.  He puts forth a positive effort to help others when they face difficult situations.  Great job!
  • Jumana[Gr.6] has outstanding class behavior. She is self-reliant and self-motivated. Very hard worker and focused on excelling in her studies.
  • Burak[Gr.7] for the past 2 weeks has helped to re-shelve the books in the library. His small  gesture was appreciated and did not go unnoticed. 

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