Saturday, March 5, 2011

ES Weekly ESLRs Awards

From Ms.Carver To Grade 1...
  • This week, Rithwik proved that he is an independent worker. He always works hard to complete taskes both in the classroom and at home. Congratulations!
  • This week, Yaqeen proved that she is a dynamic communicator. She is using English more everyday and often helps the teacher with translating for new students. Keep up the great work, Yaqeen!
From Ms.Meyer To Grade 2...
Proactive (Rufat)
During lunch time play time Rufat accidentally bumped into another student while playing.  When he realized what he had done, he offered his hand to help the other student get back up from the ground. Good thinking!                         
   Natural Leader(Waleed)
Waleed displayed skills of a natural leader, as he assisted another student in spelling a word from the board. Great Job!
             Social Responsibility(Abdullah)
Abdullah displayed social responsibility(helping others)  by assisting another Arabic speaking student this week to translate her `Star of the Week`presentation into English for the rest of the class!
From Ms.J To Grade 3...
Maan showed that he is independent by developing the values, attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed to make responsible decisions.  He displayed his independence by deciding to do missed homework during break time in order to keep up with the class.
From Ms.Shaw To Grade 4...
This weeks ESLR goes to Joshua for proving to be an effective communicator and demonstrated critical thinking.  Joshua wrote and presented a wonderfully written speech.  He spoke with confidence, accuracy and presented a great arguement.  Great work Joshua, we can all learn a lot from you.
From Ms.Johanna To Grade 5...
  • This week's ESLR award goes to Haseeb for being a compassionate community participant. He consistently helps out around the classroom and volunteers to help others. This week Haseeb has been very helpful toward Ms Sawlor by running many messages to the office. Great work Haseeb!
  • This week's ESLR award goes to Francisco for being an independent and creative thinker. Francisco worked at home to create a new comic book, which he kindly donated to the library. Great work Francisco!

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