Thursday, March 3, 2011

MS Weekly ESLRs Awards

From Ms.Lee...
Alaa [Gr.7] displays the characteristics of a proactive learner who works to address difficulties when they become apparent.  She independently took the initiative to discuss ways to improve her Language Arts progress.  Great job!
From Ms. Kim...
Dalia[Gr.7] displays the characteristics of a socially responsible person by undertaking environmental stewardship.
She cleans whole the classroom up after she finished her own project. Good Job Dalia!
From Ms. Friel...
  • Mutahar, Burack, Saud, Fatima, Dalia, Alaa, Yasmin[Gr.7] are capable, self-reliant, and self-motived. This student showed they were able to retain information learned in class as well as  applying it to current events.
  • Osama, Bassam[Gr.8] showed interest and effort in class. Enthusiasm and motivation has improved. Keep up the great work! 

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