Monday, April 11, 2011

Plant a Tree to Breathe Easier!

There are a multitude of reasons to plant a tree. Many may be obvious, but some are not so obvious. We learned in science class that trees take away the bad carbon dioxide in the air and then releases to us and every other living thing good oxygen. Hooray for the trees! We also know that trees can be beautiful and serene. However, trees can also add to the betterment of our future in many, many other ways.
So, why plant a tree?
  • trees are the home of songbirds
  • trees shelter wildlife from their predators and from rain
  • trees help avoid soil erosion along rivers and streams
  • we know that trees remove carbon dioxide in the air, but did you know that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and that, in turn, trees will help in the fight against global warming?
  • trees can block cold winds which can cut your winter energy costs
  • trees provide shade for you and even your home which can slightly reduce you air conditioning use
  • trees will increase property a home's value
  • trees can recycle water
  • trees are something the entire family can enjoy from the initial planting to the watering to the joy of creating something that will live on maybe past your own life
 Reference : Clay Miller

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