Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Parents,
On Thursday, 6th of October, we will be going on our first full-day school field trip.All RIS students and staff will be going to the Seoul Grand Park.
Seoul Grand Park, consisting of three different areas of Education, Natural Culture and Amusement, has been internationally reputed for diverse amusements it provides, scenic beauty and natural advantages it has. Now more than twenty years have passed since its relocation, Seoul Zoo has grown to the tenth largest zoo in the world in size.
Zoological gardens of Seoul Zoo keep over 3,400 individual animals belonging to about 360 species from all over the world, including rare species, such as lowland gorilla, in near-wild state classified by origins, life modes and ancestries.
Greenhouse plant garden gives visitors a feeling that they are in forest of all trees of the world with its plants of over 1,300 plant species on show.
All transportation and costs will be covered by RIS, but students are responsible to bring their own packed lunch, drink, and snack. Students may wish to bring a camera, and are responsible to carry it throughout the day. Please do not send any money for your child to spend there.
Students can wear either uniform or any clothes for this field trip. Students will also wear a school identification card, with their names and school contact information displayed prominently.
Parents are more than welcome to join this field trip. Please let administrative secretary, Ms. Park know before Thursday, October 6th if you are interested in accompanying us.
Field trips are educational, interesting, and fun for students. We hope that everyone will find Thursday to be a memorable and wonderful experience.

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