Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fundraising Efforts!

Dear Parents,
Students and teachers here at Rainbow International School are fortunate to have all the necessities we need not only to learn, but also to live. However, not all students and families of the world can be so lucky. We feel it is important to educate our students on the realities of life found around the globe and unfortunately, many people around the world are suffering due to issues such as famine, drought, and war. We want our students to become compassionate global participants and to understand the importance of helping those in need.
As a way of helping our students understand the world around them we have decided to educate our students on these issues and allow them to be creative in coming up with ways we can help. This year students will be busy learning about countries around the world that need help from others to improve their living conditions and in many cases save lives. 
Throughout the year students will be discovering the ways in which they are fortunate and how they can help others as well. There will be a number of fundraising efforts organized by teachers and students to as a way to aid others in need. Students will become educated on the issues that millions in the world face and will have an opportunity to help first hand.
Now we are asking for your help! Our first effort in helping those in need will be a BAKE SALE to raise funds for those suffering in Somalia. Students are being educated on the terrible conditions millions of people are living through in Somalia. We will be having a bake sale on the 21st and 22nd of October. Any parents who are willing to donate baked goods please contact Ms. Sawlor or Ms. Davis.  Additional information will be given later in the month. We know you will be supportive in our efforts to build compassionate students here at RIS and we thank you in advance.

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