Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Character word for November - CARING

How do you show that you care for others?
  • A caring person is kind---remembering to give others a chance to change.
  • A caring person is grateful for what they have.
  • A caring person can forgive others when a mistake is made.
  • A caring person helps people who are in need of help.
     CARING kids say things like this... 
  • I brought food to school to donate to needy families in our area.
  • I know my friend was upset so I sat beside her at lunch today.
  • I made my own bed because I care about how I keep my room.  
  • I helped my parents without being asked, they smiled and were so proud of me.
  • I said thank you to a classmate for loaning me a pencil when they noticed I did not have one yesterday. I will remember to help someone else.

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