Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Written by: Juliana & Jeny
Once upon a time there was a giant grandmother. She was so strong, but very old. When she wanted new clothes she asked the village people and the village had to make them. They worked on making the grandmother’s clothes for one year, but they couldn’t finish. The giant grandmother was so big, fat and old that in one step she could squash Hawaii. One day the village people couldn’t make her clothes because there was no material left for the clothes to be made from. She was so sad that she went home and cried and she cried until there was an ocean, which later became known as the Pacific Ocean. The grandmother was so sad she decided to move. So she moved to China and carried her house with her.  On her way she went through Alaska, then Indonesia, then in one giant step she was in China. While she was there she wanted to be alone because of her sadness, so she created a large wall to hide herself from others. In china this wall eventually became known as the Great Wall of China. THE END.
Super Baby Was Born
Written by Amina & Yura
Once upon a time, there was a small town. In the town, there was a woman who had 10 babies. One of the babies had super strong powers and he could break one planet at once! His name was Nick Murray.
 One day, Nick got hungry, he saw the solar system. He jumped to the sky and caught Mars! Then he started to eat Mars! After he ate all of Mars he was still hungry. He started to pick up coconuts. When he collected all the coconuts, he ate them all at once, but it did not make Nick full. So he tried to eat the coconut trees too! Later he became full.
 Another day, Pluto and some rocks fell down. He caught Pluto and the rocks and he ate them, but he ate half of Pluto and let it go. When he ate, he could see the clouds. When he walked, he hurt his leg and tried to sit down. On the ground there were many screaming voices and crying voices. He was sitting on the houses! He ran and ran away. He was so scared. After he ran, he rested. Then he ran one more time!
Eventually Nick Murray was an adult. He didn’t wanted to be an adult because he wanted to eat a lot of baby food. But he thought when he was a baby everybody liked him and they give him treats. Now he is an adult, but he doesn’t get treats. But, now he was happy because he is going to think about his adult life.
When he started to live in the Town, he saw beautiful women. He wanted to marry her, so he sent a message to her. When she saw Nick Murray she wanted to marry him too! So they married together. The women’s name was Alia Basra. Alia made over 1 billion tiny babies and that is how the world’s population began.
*This story teaches us how the first population of people was on earth!!!!!

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