Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Field Trip is on Monday!

Rainbow Staff and Students are going to have a Field Trip to The National Folk Museum of Korea on Monday, April 23rd, 2012.
The National Folk Museum of Korea is located at the center of Seoul and functions as an educational venue that enables visitors to understand how Koreans have lived from traditional times to the present. The Museum investigates, researches, and acquires artifacts and various sources on the folkways and lifestyles of Koreans in the past and present.
 The Museum’s exhibition is divided into three halls and an open-air exhibition. Hall 1 follows a timeline in the development of Korean folkways and lifestyles, starting from prehistory. Hall 2 focuses on how people worked for their living and obtained the necessities of life, while Hall 3 covers the typical lifetime events of an upper class person in traditional Korean society. Special exhibitions are also opened at least four times a year to broaden understanding of Korean folkways. The Children’s Folk Museum is also open to stimulate young visitors’ interests in Korean culture and foster their understanding of traditional Korean life.

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