Saturday, May 5, 2012

Visit to Howard`s and Jerry`s Home

Research shows that the lack of parent/guardian/family involvement is one of the key challenges facing schools, and that establishing a relationship between a student’s home and school is critical for academic success, and has a strong impact on each student’s ability to perform academically.
Our Teachers Ms.Davis, Ms.Sawlor, Ms.Suhyun and Ms.Rukiye made a home visit to Howard and Jerry`s house yesterday. 
In their visit, teachers learned a lot about Howard and Jerry. Both students let teachers to see their rooms and know about their hobbies and talents.
                                                             Howard`s Room
 Jerry`s Room
                                                              Ms.Davis in Howard`s Room

                                                                                  Jerry`s Painting
We would like to thank Howard and Jerry`s family for hosting the lovely home-visit yesterday! We felt very comfortable talking with your family and really enjoyed ourselves. It was a unique opportunity, which will definitely help us to better understand, and care for, Howard and Jerry during the remainder of the school year.


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  2. I appreciate all the teachers' efforts.