Friday, February 22, 2013

February Assembly: Personal Goals

Today we had our character education assembly on Personal Goals. Personal Goals range from being individual, school, community, and worldwide goals. 

At RIS we believe in fostering students that aim to achieve the best they can be. In our assembly today the student council  showed a video on making a 'life plan' :), learning buddies in grades 2 and 4 presented all classes with recycling boxes and reminded us of the importance of recycling. 

Following this we had a re-cap of Eco-generation and recognized the students that participated in the forum to stop climate change. 

Bus safety has been a concern, to help everyone understand the rules the middle school students presented the main points to keep us safe on the bus. A goal that our school has is to recognize our student and teacher's mother tongues. Today happens to be International Mother Tongue Day, in recognition of this, one of our students (Jerry Yeh) made a beautiful presentation in his home language (Chinese) and translated it in English. 
We have also announced the fundraising results from the Spring Festival, we raised a whopping 1 000 050 won!! It has been a busy term for us so far and there were many awards to be given out. This included, best reader (Howard Yeh), sportsmanship (Umaid), results from the sketch-up competition, and the dodgeball tournament. The assembly concluded with the homeroom teachers presenting awards to one student from each grade who exemplifies 'personal goals' (grade 1-Hasan, grade 2-Laman, grade 3-Shakhina, grade 4-Johnny, grade 5-Semanur, grade 6-Tami, Grade 7-Mobark, and grade 8-Mert). Great Job RIS!!!!

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